MonthJuly 2005

I rather be.

     I pulled up to a stoplight behind the pick-up truck pictured below yesterday, and was just DUMBFOUNDED by the text on the back, so I took a photo with my cell-phone. Let’s dissect it, shall we? We shall.


“I rather be CUMMIN then stroken.”

     OK. I went ahead and assumed “CUMMIN” was some stupid car thing, which was correct: My roommate Ryan informs me that CUMMIN makes diesel engines of some sort, and that a competitor makes ‘power-stroke’ engines.

     Fair enough – this person would rather have a diesel engine than a non-diesel engine. Is it really necessary to advertise that sentiment to the world on the back of your truck in a horrendously-worded masturbation euphemism? Note that the use of ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ suggests that the driver of this particular vehicle would either:

a.) Like to have a diesel engine, followed by a non-diesel engine


b.) Like to indulge in a puzzlingly-sequenced masturbatorial act.

     Unfortunately, google reveals that this is a “catchphrase” of sorts. Slight consolation: at least most of them get the ‘than’ right.

Barren Aaron’s amazingly comprehensive Garbage Pail Kids Reference Guide

My favorite active author – Paul Collins – has a blog.

Seth Peanuts T's

     Not really update worthy, but I read that the Charles Schulz Museum is producing T-shirts based on Seth‘s artwork for Fantagraphics’ ‘Complete Peanuts‘ Series. The only image of these shirts is buried in a 50-page .pdf on the San Diego Comic Con site, so here’s a convenient image.

     Not as good as I wanted them to be.


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