Someone at Northeastern State University in my home state of Oklahoma left the following comment on the HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL tulip entry below. I deleted it, because it has absolutely nothing to do with tulips, but I wanted to preserve this poor soul’s bilious rage for posterity.

     “fuckin waste of time, keep your little barnes and fuckin noble stories to someone who cares, like the other helpless, bitchin barnes and noble cashiers.”

Video of New Order ‘covering’ “Love WIll Tear Us Apart” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

– Not sure how I feel about that.

North Carolina Museum of Art’s gigantic ‘Picture This’

– viewed via google’s satellite imagery.

Now THIS is a doubleneck guitar.

Most people are probably posting this for ironic purposes, but this guy has devised a way to effectively use both necks. A+

Life-size lego model of Han Solo in Carbonite.

Only thing nerdier than building life-size lego models: building life-size star wars lego models. Awesome.

Compilation of independantly developed Gameboy Advance Games: $12.00.

The results of’s 2004 competition on a spiffy cartridge.

Ragtime Ephemeralist Website updated.

1st and 2nd issues to be reprinted! Hot cake-walk action!

Mystery of the Mario Paint Song: Solved!

Chris Ware to self-publish future work

MP3: ‘Art Is Not A Loaf of Bread.’

Effect: Museums of modern art flooded with loaves of bread submitted for exhibition by lazy postmodernists.

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