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Comic-industry talk radio – free downloads of episodes 1-14, episodes 15-200 are 75 cents.

Making the rounds: Illustrated ‘Sesame Street’ Recollections.

Yip yip yip yip.

Flickr DIY: The Longline Group’s desktop cube.


Flickr: Cardhouse is raising geese.

They are impossibly cute.

Ask.mefi: Quarter-life crisis.


Ask.mefi: Adjusting to a new job.


Viewing famous landmarks with Google Maps’ new satellite imagery

Non-Narrative Video Gaming

     There was a really good article on the Guardian website this past week which summarizes my ‘disconnect’ from the sprawling worlds of most current ‘blockbuster’ video games. Part of the reason I’ve embraced the Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS are because the (relative) technical limitations of the platforms seem to keep the games truer to the genre-style play I grew up with. The author uses ‘Yoshi: Touch & Go’ for the DS as an example, and that just happens to be the last game I bought. It’s sort of a ‘throwback’ in that you start a new game, play until you get a game over, and the primary goal is a high score. I’m going to use the same pull-quote I’ve seen used elsewhere, because it sums up my hopes for the direction of the DS so well.

     “For gamers, it is difficult to grasp: many people enjoy playing, experiencing these new types of games that don’t fit into the mold of what we typically consider a game. How can a game not be divided into levels, or have boss battles, or upgrades or unlockable content? Playing just for the sake of enjoying playing? ABSURD!”

     The full article is here. I found it via 4ColorRebellion, which has become my one-stop DS information site.

– daily commentary on the graphic design of current movie posters. A current favorite.

Independent Italian developers to bring DS online April 11th?

I really hope this is for real.

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