Bring me the Head of Charlie Brown

– 33 MB Hand-Drawn Faux Peanuts Animation. Kind of dumb but worth it for the over-the-top violence.

Powerpuff Girls Z

Japanese reinterpretation of a show that reinterpreted japanese animation.

Detroit’s Forgotten Salt Mines

– Revealing further meaning to Tim Pak’s band name.


     I recently received the following message regarding the “Robin Williams’ joke thievery” bit I put together last year.

     “I am sixteen years old and have grown up watching Robin Williams. I look up to him. These “comments” on your site offend me. Unless these people have documented proof or any type of proof that Robin Williams is a “joke thief” I think you should try quoting people who do (if you can). I do not mean to offend you but, it is my opinion that you should also post comments of those who stand by Robin Williams. These other “hater” comments are nothing more than stories and unless you have proof Lies. I think these people should concentrate on themselves, and what they have done wrong – not a wonderful comedian who has brought joy and happiness to so many.”

Great forced perspective photo featuring the Eiffel Tower. (NSFW)

Thanks Joe!

A great oral history of Art Spiegelman’s RAW

, with obligatory Chris Ware quotations. (courtesy of Christopher Merritt)

Nick Valensi of The Strokes has a signiture model Epiphone.


Interesting thread

on Albums released with more than one cover.

Hillary Duff Vs. My Bloody Valentine

New Fiona Apple Record in CD quality.

So good.

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