Video: Warner Bros’ ‘Loonatics’

Video: Trailer for Richard Linklater’s latest foray into animation – an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’

Pro: Winona Ryder. Con: Keanu Reeves.

The only discussion I’ve yet seen dealing with last night’s NBA All-Star Half-Time show,

which included a performance by country stars Big & Rich, dressed in Civil War regalia and flanked by a dancing midget on crutches. Mindblowing.

Website for film adaptation of Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’

Cool? Yes. Pioneering? No.

     A band called The 8 Bit Construction Set is getting a touch of internet publicity by claiming that their record is “the first ever use of the vinyl recording medium for software distribution.” Not so.

A cereal mosaic of Michael Jackson


: The horribly Ill-advised ‘modernization’ of the Warner Bros. cartoon oeuvre (Bugs, Daffy, etc)

Old Roll of Film

Spoon Live @ Howard's, Fall 2002

     In late 2002, I took several photos of Spoon at a show in Ohio. I did this using my girlfriend’s 35mm camera, which was loaded with black and white film. The following week, this film was loaded onto a reel and placed in a tank for developing. The tank was then placed in her trunk.

     In January of 2005, she got a flat tire, and finally had to clean out her trunk. It was at this time that the tank was unearthed – still sealed tight, but having weathered two winters and summers in the car. I took the tank in to a local photo shop and had them develop the film.

     The negatives definitely appear to have been affected by the time / temperature / etc, but there were still some fun shots, which I posted to Flickr. Woo.

Chris Ware contributes an uncharacteristic cover

for the 80th anniversary issue of the New Yorker.

Ridiculously rare Atari Cosmos prototype on eBay

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