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Spider-Man 2

     So, I finally got around to seeing Spider-Man 2. It was pretty fun, even if it did seem to hit the same notes as Spider-man 1, in roughly the same order. One thing about it has been bugging the CRAP out of me though.


     Ok, so Dr. Octopus wants a batch of Desirable Compound X, which only Harry Osbourne can afford. Osbourne wants Spider-Man dead because he killed his father, so he tells Dr. Octopus to kill Spider-Man. He is to accomplish this by finding Peter Parker, who has a reputation for being able to find Spider-man. Upon locating Parker, the first thing Dr. Octopus does is THROW A CAR AT HIS HEAD. He doesn’t know that he’s Spider-Man yet. If I was banking on an obscure piece of information that only one random guy had, I probably wouldn’t push my luck by seeing if he could whip his precious-information-containing noggin out of the way of a flying vehicle. Am I missing something? Perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere.

Zumpano Videos

     I added two videos to my Zumpano page: “I Dig You” and “Behind the Beehive.” They appear to have been encoded using some archaic codec, so quicktime chokes on the sound. Until I find the time to re-encode them, you should be able to play them with VLC (Mac) or MPlayer (PC).

     If anyone stumbles upon a digital copy of Zumpano’s video for “The Party Rages On,” let me know.

I Dig You (From “Look What The Rookie Did”)
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Behind The Beehive (From “Goin’ Through Changes”)
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