David Fincher talks about Final Cut Studio.

Wes Anderson’s American Express Ad.

Apparently it’s a parody of a Truffaut film.

Dondero High School Pop Concerts.

Royal Oak, Michigan High School choir’s arrangements of pop music, circa 1995-2005 (Also passed on by Zach).

Spoon’s Britt Daniel on ‘Veronica Mars.’

Thanks, Zach.

Yes, even more faux-videogame animation from Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson’s latest animated-pixelart videogame parody.

This guy needs to team with a programmer and actually MAKE these games.

“Refused are Fucking Dead” trailer.

Documentary on Swedish punks’ final tour.

Chris Ware addresses Acme’s move from Fantagraphics to Drawn & Quarterly.

The trailer for the forthcoming documentary ‘The Future of Pinball’ is live.

Much higher production values than I would expect out of a pinball doc.

Amazing article: ‘The Last Island of the Savages.’

North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal was home to one of the last tribes to be reached by the world at large.

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