Rooms painted so optical illusions appear when viewed from a certain angle

Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Prestige.’

Period piece about rival Magicians.

John Bonham’s Raw Drum Tracks from the ‘In Through the Out Door’ sessions.

Good in small doses.

1920’s newsreel footage of Frank King drawing Gasoline Alley

A restaurant where ninjas serve you. Best thing ever.

Comic Art Magazine’s Todd Hignite interviewed

Hand of Glory.

Creepy! (Rereading John Bellairs’ young adult novels and realizing how much J.K. Rowling must have liked them.)

Achewood’s Chris Onstad Interviewed in this month’s Comics Journal

Not online, but worth finding.

Amusingly-Titled Norwegian Peanuts Translation

It's 2006, and I'm still posting IM conversations on websites

Z: i just scoffed about a band being called CSS yesterday

A: yep

A: same band

Z: but not a design reference

A: you’d think they were portland webdesigners commenting on
how the structure of indie rock is the same and is only shaped by
applying style attributes.

A: But no

Z: hahaha

A: the cascading style sheets

A: would be a good band name though

Z: that would be amazing

Z: agreed

A: dude

A: concept alert!

Z: hahaha ok

A: start a band

A: called the cascading style sheets.

A: write and arrange verse chorus bridge etc

A: and do the same song in like ten different styles

A: Literal!

Z: hahaha

Z: normal people would just think they were remixes

A: ah true

Z: and would not understand its nerdy gravitas

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