Interesting discussion of autistic children’s special affection for ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’

To my mind, some of the reader feedback offers a more convincing hypothesis than the linked article: the character’s faces aren’t animated, which doesn’t allow for ‘in between’ emotions – they’re all distinct.

An in-depth look at the surprisingly vast selection of ‘Interactive’ Narrative DVD Games.

This is exactly the sort of article on an obscure topic I could get obsessed with writing and never finish, so I’m glad someone else did it.

Series of ‘Mickey Mouse’ newspaper strips from 1930 in which Mickey loses Minnie’s favor and attempts suicide.

Somehow I missed this when it was making the rounds. It’s bizarre to see the last panel of the October 18th strip in light of how protective Disney is of their characters.

Youtube: Pop-up book as music video.

Really nicely done, directed by a guy named Price James.

Fan-made Documentary detailing Gunpei Yokoi’s sheparding of the development of portable videogames at Nintendo.

The ‘Game & Watch’ inspired animations illustrating the early history of the company are particularly well done.

Youtube: HP ad featuring Michel Gondry.

A whole heap of Gondry’s signature visual tricks packed into a minute-long ad, supposedly directed by his brother.

NBA Referee being investigated by FBI for fixing games, possible ties to organized crime being investigated.


Online Preview of Jeff Smith’s ‘The Art of Bone.’

Further feeding my obsession with comic artists pulling back the curtain.

Amazing graph comparing statistics of all NBA players, ever.

Offensive Outlier: Jordan. Defensive Outliers: Rodman, Ben Wallace.

Elite club membership

     I was contacted by several friends about an article I wrote being linked on nerdblog powerhouse BoingBoing this morning.

     This was interesting to me, because not only did they link to the article when I first wrote it back in 2004, but the same person (Cory) wrote it up!

     Therefore, I hereby break my extensive internet silence to declare membership in the elite ‘Wrote an article nerdy enough to be posted to BoingBoing twice by the same person’ club.

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