Great collection of rare Bill Watterson work / ephemera.

T-shirts for his brother’s rock band!

Photos of the last surviving (long decommissioned) detroit trolly car.

Collection of increasingly ridiculous Island and Lake Combination ‘Largests.’

(ie ‘Largest island in a lake on an island’ or ‘Largest lake on an island in a lake’)

The Shields of Zelda.

Visual evolution of Link’s shield over the course of many games.

The New York Times profiles Bill Laimbeer, the coach.

Using the Wii’s photobrowser to create photomosaics.

"Peggy" by Matt Bilfield.

Fun pixel-mosaic of a Roy Lichtenstein work that plays with the negative space between pixels. Nice!

Using the scrollbar as a flipbook.

Clever interactive online animation. Naturally adopted for a direct mail campaign.

Matt Haughey posits some inspired Basketball half bakery ideas.

There are simply too many conditions for a human ref to keep track of and accurately call everything. Using technology like this would help them concentrate on the areas where human observation is necessary, and do away with the inconsistent calls of conv

Video: Fujiya & Miyagi – ‘Ankle Injuries’

Animated mosaics made from dice. Some sections seem a bit too thorough to be genuine, but then I’d be complaining if it was all too simplistic as well. I’m such a jerk.

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