Includes yet another mention of the phantom third Zumpano record. Come on, Newman.

Looks like they have vintage factory/testing footage. Animatronic drummers is a topic near and dear to me (it's what originally got me writing on the internet, though I never finished the article) so I'm ALL OVER this.

The first page or so rehashes the standard Robin Williams stories, but expands into a number of modern feuds, with quotes from some of those involved.

This would be my dream-home.

Mr. Zach Curd pointed out that at 1:00 and 1:49, there are some pretty blatant pitch correction artifacts on the vocal. Good job guys.

You don't see too many independent transformer designers.

Waxy discusses and mines an obsessively detailed dump of pop chart metadata. Unhealthily time-intensive coding ideas: sparked.

One of my favorites, not currently in print.

The short premiered at TAL's distributed 'live event' in movie theaters nationwide last week. The story is told by Radio Lab's Robert Krulwich.

The results of randomly selected groups of four people tasked with writing and recording a song in an hour.

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