The DS has wifi so this method seems like an unnecessary gimmick until you take into account sharing the sound files online. Only out in Japan thus far, but there's already some level-swap activity on youtube.

The sounds are produced via miniature bellows and paper cones. I had no idea such things existed.

Sculpture with carefully placed perferations reveals different stanzas of a poem based on the position of the sun.

The best Star Wars figures ever.

I'm pretty ambivalent about Maroon 5, but I think it's interesting that they're willing to publicly release footage of themselves being so negative about the song. This is some great behind the scenes studio production footage.

Looks interesting but SXTY FIVE BUCKS FOR A DVD?

Insane videogame pixel art as fever-dreamish narrative animation. I’m amazed that indie developers aren’t dumping piles of money on him to port these into playable games.

I’m stoked that Jason Shiga’s interactive comics appear.

I love how these pieces straddle the lines between disciplines: collage and sculpture in assembling the bits of tape, photography in controlling the light level.

Jigsaw puzzle manufacturers apparently often use the same cut pattern for their many designs. I’d like to see this idea taken further to a perfectly interlocking mosaic.

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