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For coincidental errors, these voting malfunctions have a funny way of always leaning right.

Mayor McPhail. Perfect.

I've often felt Covey's incredibly tasteful book designs are sadly overshadowed by the subjects of the volumes, so it's nice to see some recognition coming his way.

"Emo is a current look between goth and rock — it means EMOTIONAL!"

Awesome. Reminds me of the similar length/poignancy ratio found in the Paul Auster-edited collection "I thought My Father Was God."

I love commentary like this, presented in a visually non-linear way.

An all-star contributor list, all presenting three 16" x 21" pages.

As usual, someone else said it better already: "I always felt like The Loop was a timeless place where no matter what, the same guys would be there — spinning Blur, The Pixies and Bowie on that fabulously blinding dance floor."

The attention to detail in these is encouraging.

It's an interesting illustration of the relative name recognition of well rounded players vs. role-players. Also: Joe Dumars – the outlier in the scorer / perimeter scorer blend area.