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Pixelart made from musical notation.

A peek behind the curtain at a designer whose work was hugely influential to an entire generation of nerds.

Audience: A limited subset of a limited subset.

I’m not usually a flash games fan, but the pixel art and animation on these is insanely high quality. Metal Slug caliber.

Johnny Yanok’s ‘Incredibles’-esque Fantastic Four piece and Monster Factory’s Hulk plush were the highlights for me.

I was wondering about this whilst considering how much better and less cheater-prone ‘blokusulous’ would be.

I’ve been a subscriber to this site for a awhile and this is one of my absolute favorite sleeves they’ve posted.

I am a sucker for one-take videos.

I can’t wait to see this movie.

Funny: The ONLY block of Woodward they didn’t photograph is the block with CPOP, the Majestic and The Magic Stick.