Tactile Comics

I did a five-minute talk on "Tactile Comics" as a part of Ignite Ann Arbor 7. You can view my slides here, or download them as a PDF here.

See below for notes on some of the comics mentioned, as well as links to where they can be purchased.

Video of the talk is available in a couple of places:

Notes From the Throne
by Michel Gondry (2009)

Available Here »

I was hoping this would be an epic narrative, to be consumed over multiple... "sittings." Alas, it's made up of four unique sheets/pages, repeated throughout the "roll." Also: in French.

Ochre Ellipse 3
Jonas Madden-Connor (2009)

Available Here »

Robin Enrico (2006)

Available Here »

Wings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Nomi Kane, Ed. (2012)

Available Here »

Coffee Spoons #3
Kate Drwecka, Ed. (2012)

Available Here »

Kate Drwecka (2012)
(Unavailable online)


Burning Building Comix
Jeff Zwirek (2007, 2008, 2009)
(Out of Print)

Collected Version Coming Soon »

View Floors 1-6 Online »

The Mad Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010
Al Jaffe (2011)

Available Here »

Craig Thompson (2011)

Printable Here »

Pandora's Box
Ken Wong (2007)

Available Here »

Schrodinger's Cat
Ken Wong (2009)

Available Here »


Hello World
Jason Shiga (2003)
(Out of Print)

Watch Video »

More Info »

Jason Shiga (2010)

Available Here »

iOS Version »

Watch a Video wherein Jason Shiga talks about creating interactive comics.



Building Stories
Chris Ware (2012)

Available Here »

Pretty much the best thing of all things.