I'm on another ridiculous quest.

     In 2001, I heard that there was a tribute to the Who's 'The Who Sell Out' in the works, featuring the likes of Zumpano, The Flashing Lights, The Young Fresh Fellows, Swag, and members of the Blake Babies, Cheap Trick, the Smithereens.

     Towards the end of 2001 a 30 second clip of Zumpano's track surfaced on Audiogalaxy, and that was the last I ever heard of the project.

     A little poking around this week has revealed that the project was being put together by a label called Futureman records - apparently a Detroit based project run by someone called Keith Klingensmith. There used to be a website at www.futuremanrecords.com but it's gone now. I'm hoping someone loosely connected to me by friendster might know something about it.

     It sounds like a great project - "The original album, we are doing every word, every chunk, in order. The Radio London stuff, and the ads between the songs, are all going to be covered."

I found a tentative tracklist, included below.

Does anyone know what happened to this release?


Paranoid Lovesick - "Armenia City In The Sky"
The Andersons - "Heinz Baked Beans"
The Phenomenal Cats - "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand"
The Atomic Numbers - "Odorono"
The Jigsaw Seen - "Tattoo"
Splitsville - "Our Love Was"
The Shazam - "I Can See For Miles"
Chris Von Sneidern - "I Can't Reach You"
Young Fresh Fellows - "Medac"
Cloud Eleven - "Relax"
Zumpano - "Silas Stingy"
Willie Wisely - "Sunrise"
Myracle Brah - "Rael"
The Flashing Lights - "Glittering Girl"
The Grip Weeds - "Melancholia"
The Pearlfishers - "Someone's Coming"
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - "Jaguar"
Swag - "Early Morning Cold Taxi"
The Breetles - "Girl's Eyes"
The Vandalias - "Glow Girl"

The original ads:

Mike Giblin - Monday... (intro)
John P. Strohm - Charles Atlas
Cockeyed Ghost - More Music
Ed James - Pussycat/Speak Easy
Mitch Easter - Rotosound Strings
Fundaro & Moll - Top Gear
R. Stevie Moore - Track Records (outro)

The new ads:

Hutch - 1-800-Messiah
Frank Bango - Sincerity, Inc.
Mike Giblin - Bombardier Chocolates
Jim Babjak's Buzzed - Budweiser
The Chevelles - Instant Girl
Fundaro & Moll - Coke (short)
Cosmo Topper - Pure Fast Vibration
Devin Hill - Dr. Google's Ginseng Root
The Absolute Zeros - Shakes
Jeremy - Happy Helmut
Fundaro & Moll - Coke (long)
John McMullen - Yellow Pilsner
P. Hux - Mullet Man
The Absolute Zeros - Multiblade
The Breetles - Pro-Stripe
Shane Faubert - Socklight
Ed James - Spaz Cola

Radio London jingles:

Paul Collins/Beat
The Chevelles
Double Naught Spies
Heavy Blinkers
The Rubinoos
Bobby Sutcliff