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     French television channel ‘Arte TV‘ has been running a series of behind-the-scenes documentaries on various Comic Book creators throughout the month of January. One of these episodes focuses exclusively on Chris Ware. The website for the series has video clips of every episode BUT Ware’s, though they do offer a nice original flash animation of bits from Jimmy Corrigan (This is not the same animation as the one on the Pantheon site). Anyone who reads this site knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with the work of Mr. Ware, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve managed to obtain a copy of the episode in question.

     A huge thanks goes to David Pouchard for recording the program and sending me the tape (You can view David’s bibliography of Ware’s work in French publications here). I got the PAL videotape transferred to DVD (Expensive!), and am seeding a torrent of a small (but watchable) quicktime file containing the entire episode. Click here if you don’t know what a torrent is and follow the directions. Otherwise, you can grab the torrent file here. The show is mostly in English with french subtitles, so don’t worry too much about the language barrier!

     Also – why the hell don’t we have Art TV here in the US? I’d happily watch it in french if it were available to me.


     You can download the whole file the old-fashioned way here (it’s being used in a college course, so take advantage of the educational institution-sized bandwidth!), or view it in three parts here, here, and here.


  1. thanks for your efforts in sharing this~! :-)

    appreciated in australia ;-)

  2. Great video, with lots of insight. Thanks you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I really liked this.

  4. i regret arte tv every day since i quit france. great programs without advertising. on the net, you can listen to arte radio http://www.arteradio.com

  5. Thanks, this is great. Gud bless the Intrawebs!

    Ware comes across as even more introverted and obsessive than I could have even imagined. Watching him draw, it’s almost like he finds the whole process painful. I almost wonder if in some Mrs Doyle (Father Ted) masochistic way he ‘likes the drudgery’ – he could certainly do with a more ergonomic set-up.

    I would have liked to have seen more shots of buidlings in Chicago cut with his own beatutiful renderings, and try and find out more about his relationship with the place, maybe see him outside, sketching. Watching this program you could almost believe he was agoraphobic, and never left the house.

  6. I don’t know if the channel sneaks over the border to you, but TV5 in Canada says they show Arte TV. I can’t find it on the schedule, though. I do remember looking for it earlier this year when you were looking for a videotape copy of the Ware special.

  7. AFAIK, Arte is a joint French and German TV channel, not just French. At least it was from 96-98 when I lived in Germany.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate the effort. As for art tv in the US, we do have Ovation, though I’ve never seen a show about comics on there… it’s kind of “dated” I guess you could say.

  9. With a Mac and Bittorrent unable to download

  10. It’s not your Mac, ‘me’. Kempa does not seem to be seeding it anymore. Alas…

  11. Adam, a huge thank you. I thought I would never be able to see that show. You rock!
    And to the above poster… it seems to be seeding now, and I am using a mc.

  12. Should still be seeding…

  13. “Also – why the hell don’t we have Art TV here in the US? I’d happily watch it in french if it were available to me.”

    This channel is available on Time Warner cable (at least here in Ohio, it is), along with a bunch of other foreign channels. They’re like $15/month *per channel* (except for the Spanish package), so I never really thought about buying them.

  14. Er, sorry, I guess I was wrong. The channel labeled “Art” is actually the “Arab Radio and Television Network.” Heh.

  15. thank You!! He is so wonderful!

  16. Thanks for sharing indeed! Much appreciated in São Paulo, Brazil.

    (still seeding like crazy)

  17. Something this rare needs to be passed around. I’ll seed it for a while… Thank you for posting this. It is funny that an american artist would receive more fame in other countries (although, isn’t that usually the case with the ‘good ones’?)

  18. Agreed. I’ll be seeding this all weekend whenever I’m home.

  19. Downloading right now from the torrent – thx to whoever is still seeding it. I really appreciate. I grew up reading French comic books (being French and all… ;) That’s the one thing I still miss after living in the US for 10 years… I’m not too crazy about US comics in general, but thankfully they’re a handful of geniuses like Chris Ware out there… I can’t wait to see this thing!!


    m d

  20. Thanks so much for putting this out there! Love Ware. I’m going to keep seeding it, but I’m new to blog torrent and have a dumb question: the window says download successful and that people are currently uploading it, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to PLAY it. (No, I’m not eighty years old.) Using OSX. Someone please help. Thanks again.

  21. Got it. Please disregard previous post.


    Albert Einstein

  22. and a great thanks from germany – i thought i had missed this issue of the great comic-heroes-documentary for good..

    youre a hero!

  23. Hi there,
    thanks so much for sharing this
    Now I`m going to spread the word…
    Lisbon – Portugal

  24. Thanks so much for all this effort on your part. What a great treat to get a peaceful, unobstructed view into Mr. Ware’s home and studio – it was truly fascinating to watch.

  25. Thank you so much for posting that.

  26. Love your site – any chance of seeding the .torrent?

    Best Regards,
    Nico M

  27. hi–
    i am a third of the way through downloading this, but a few days ago lost the trail…any chance someone couild seed this for a few more days? it would mean a lot–thanks!

  28. Would anyone be willing to seed this again? I’d love to see the footage, but I can’t begin to download with no helping seeders. Thanks!

  29. Somebody please reseed this. My BT client has been up for days with no action. I’d be willing to scan some of my Chris Ware original art to post on the Acme Archive in exchange for the BT seeded file. Please help folks.

  30. Would really appreciate a seed if possible..
    Dublin, Ireland

  31. Just to join in with the request for reseed!

    I’d love to see it.

  32. bump, I want teh vid too, but torrent link no working

  33. I’d love to see this too. Any chance of getting this torrent reposted and reseeded? Or, if not, maybe just the quicktime video uploaded to a free file hosting site, such as rapdishare?

  34. Hey, great to see this torrent link is working again! If there’s anyone out there willing to seed, that’d be wonderful.


  35. Could someone please reseed this or alternatively upload it at http://www.savefile.com or some other file sharing site? Thanks in advance :)

  36. HOOKED ON COMIX Volume 2 has an extensive TV interview with Chris W. Check it out on Customflix.com

  37. If n I was a pumpkin!