MonthJuly 2005

Johnny Ryan collects parodies of his alt-comics peers into limited edition (300) book.

The sort of photo that makes my day.

It’s official: I like almost anything done on a large scale.

Yet another post-it mosaic.

This one is of physicist Feynman. They ‘cheat’ by using sharpie.

Inversions: words or names written so they read in more than one direction.

Make trade harder to read

     George Hotelling pointed out in the comments to my post on the Coldplay coded cover that someone has written a javascript tool to encode the text of your choosing into colored Baudot (AKA the coldplay code).


Bottlecap wall at Brooklyn’s Barcade.

Partial listing of the Bonus Materials for Looney Tunes DVD box, volume 3.

I’m always more interested in the extras on these sets, and they’ve been getting better with each iteration.

Beginnings of an interesting thread on videogame etymology.

Amazing pool-floor mosaic of the cast of ‘Finding Nemo’

Judd Apatow’s ‘Undeclared’ is coming to DVD next month.

I loved this show. My well-worn VHS backup can be retired. Lots of extras too!

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