Funny: The ONLY block of Woodward they didn’t photograph is the block with CPOP, the Majestic and The Magic Stick.

This clearly wins ‘Best use of a bizarre theme in a How-To video’: Screaming throughout the duration of every step.

Touches on the weird interaction of saved video game worlds with real life after a loved one passes away, something I can directly relate to.

The modern equivalent of Marvel’s hostess ads?

"To bring down a helicopter gunship, MacGyver lassos a metal cable onto the helicopter’s landing rails and connects the cable to a jeep’s winch. By winding in the winch, he pulls the helicopter to the ground."

The web version is too small to appreciate – see page 50 of the print version.

In depth discussion of album art, often with input from the designers.

A black and white animated film featuring sections by Charles Burns and Richard McGuire.

The gist of the theory so far is that the new album is an intentional counterpart to ‘OK Computer.’ In what way remains to be theorized.

Monte Schulz in particular is actively fielding and responding to questions in the comments.

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