MonthOctober 2007

The gist of the theory so far is that the new album is an intentional counterpart to ‘OK Computer.’ In what way remains to be theorized.

Monte Schulz in particular is actively fielding and responding to questions in the comments.

A crazy askmefi post on unwinnable and ‘zero move’ solitaire deals.

Quoth Chip Kidd: "It’s going to surprise a lot of people. It dispels the myth of Saint Schulz and makes him an actual person again, and often not one we’ve ever seen. As an act of research alone, it’s jaw dropping…"

Larry Marder has left his position at McFarlane Toys to pick up Tales of the Beanworld where he left off.

He’ll also be getting all the old Beanworld collections back into print. Good news!

Alex Trochut does amazing things with typography.

Be sure to check out ‘Type Experiments,’ the last item in his ‘works’ section.