A pitch-perfect parody.

McDuffie has long been a champion of multiculturalism in comics, and is responsible for 'Damage Control' – one of my favorite Marvel series ever. The 'Have I made my point?' at the end is the best part.

This reads to me as a very genuine moment, with just the right balance of sincerity and awkwardness between them. If the aesthetic of this piece of video could be expanded into a longer form series of interesting musical pairings, I would be ALL OVER that.

Contains hand trimming, hand collation, and printing errors (the primary ingredients of an independent record label).

For coincidental errors, these voting malfunctions have a funny way of always leaning right.

Mayor McPhail. Perfect.

I've often felt Covey's incredibly tasteful book designs are sadly overshadowed by the subjects of the volumes, so it's nice to see some recognition coming his way.

"Emo is a current look between goth and rock — it means EMOTIONAL!"

Awesome. Reminds me of the similar length/poignancy ratio found in the Paul Auster-edited collection "I thought My Father Was God."

I love commentary like this, presented in a visually non-linear way.

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