Missed opportunities: should've soundtracked the video with Superchunk's 'Detroit has a Skyline too.'

Comic book poses are a pretty easy joke, but the simplicity of this one is top-notch.

A+. They need to release this officially. Also: best way to turn non-fans onto Fugazi?

The amount of work on display here is obscene.

Since there are no 'Official' names for the various pieces, naming conventions emerge. No wonder software people love lego.

Distilling the building blocks of Spoon songs to their basest molecules.

The comments, dissecting the removal of two pegs from an obscure part, are the best thing. All this from Klocki, the very best Lego blog I have yet found. If you're into that kind of thing.

There is no weirder thing.

"I still know scientists, programmers, designers, photographers, and musicians that hold jobs and dream of someday walking away to work on their real dreams, but the question of how on earth will they pay for healthcare is a major hurdle. I don't see how someone could be strongly pro-business and not see an upside to extending the already existing national healthcare for seniors down to age zero. How many more Googles, Facebooks, and Twitters are we missing with the way things are?"

Like a stylophone crammed inside an anthropomorphised musical note. Hope it comes in black.

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