MonthMay 2009

Batman artist's off-the-cuff renderings of various Gothamites.

Includes non-album single 'Tame the lion,' probably for the first time on CD (This is my jam).

I love that he binds his notes and sketchbooks, complete with characteristically wry spine descriptions.

The new levels incorporated elements from a wide range of Mario games, and there doesn't seem to be a convenient emulation / flashcart way to play these. Seems ripe for the DSi downloadable content treatment.

Holy cats. There's a new music videos / shorts collection on DVD, news of an alternate version of the 'Science of Sleep' constructed from 100% unused footage, a selection of material from his sketchbooks printed on a roll of toilet paper, AND you can have your portrait drawn by him for twenty bucks!

Burrito cake, vows including meticulously designed charts, robocop ice sculpture.

Too rich for my blood, but considering other prices fetched, this is more than fair for such an early page. This particular page is also of special interest to type / lettering nerds: Four unique logo treatments!