MonthAugust 2009

Like a stylophone crammed inside an anthropomorphised musical note. Hope it comes in black.

Some nice anecdotal views into the working relationship Top Shelf's Chris Staros cultivates. As the graphic novel is still almost exclusively viewed as a product of singular vision, editorial guidance and influence is rarely discussed. It's interesting to see the role it may play in the consistency of the work Top Shelf publishes.

This summarizes my own feelings / issues nicely. Also: hooray that posts are appearing at Big Contrarian again – always the best quality.

Worth it for this quote alone: "The photographers are the worst. Basically the only thing they’re interested in shooting is ruin porn.”

It's interesting that this happened at all, but boy do the nerds in the comments hate Michigan (the state, not the school). Sad times.

On the response to his serial strip in the Sunday New York Times Magazine: "I've received more of a response to Christmas cards that I've sent."

This is maybe only funny to people who were immersed in comics during Liefield's reign of terror, but to these people, it is very funny.