Long ago (1999) and far away (the same exact place I live right now), I had a video camera and all sorts of crazy extrenuous crap to capture video into my computer. I no longer have said set-up. While cleaning off my hard drive a week or so ago (as us dorks are known to do from time to time), I stumbled across the raw footage from four shows that I taped in March 1999 (Braid, Sarge, HWM, and Rainer Maria). So I took what I deemed the strongest song from each and edited a little video clip, and encoded it into real video. The camerawork is shaky at best and often set at a weird angle to the stage, as I'm not pushy enough to always get to the front. The sound is okay on all the clips, except that it's very LOUD. So turn down those speakers, fella. What else? Depending on how recent your realplayer is, you may or may not need a plug-in (Not big, roughly 190 K) to play these files. You'll be able to tell if you need the plug-in when you try to play them. If you don't need it, the files will play. If you do, realplayer will handle everything for you, you lazy oaf. Also: I've provided links where you can download the clips if your connection isn't fast. Just right click and select 'save target as.' If you want 'em here they are. If not, fair enough. Also: they're being hosted by a site that will probably delete them eventually, so we'll see how long they last (Not long, but I uploaded them below). That's about it. So let's review, shall we?

Viewing Checklist:
 Turn volume down.
 Might need a plug-in.
 Can download if connection isn't fast.
 Host site might have deleted them.

'A Torch'
Michiganfest 1999
Download Realvideo (Somehow I lost this file.)
Hot Water Music
Michiganfest 1999
Download Realvideo
'What a Wonderful Puddle'
March 1999
The Grounds, Detroit
Download Realvideo
Rainer Maria
Michiganfest 1999
Download Realvideo
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