One day I decided that I would wear every T-shirt I own at least once before repeating a shirt. This is because I am insane. A sidenote to sticklers: collared shirts don't count. So there.

T-shirt count thus far: 124 (I'd love to know how long this page takes to load over a dialup connection)

Number of times thus far that someone has thought they caught me repeating a shirt but they were wrong: 6

The 'Can't wear again until after I'm out of T-shirts' bin, pre and post-folding:


September 23:

Orlando Florida shirt. This was my brother's, probably acquired in Orlando Florida. Good for BIG PIMPIN.
September 22:

Jimmy Eat World shirt. This one was also my brothers, I'm pretty sure he bought it when they played the Shelter shortly after the release of Clarity. On the same day as that show, Chris O. was supposed to interview them on WHFR, but they cancelled. If I remember correctly, several of his questions dealt with the fact that the drummer's father is a first base coach for an MLB team, I think it was the Pirates (?).
September 21:

Hot Water Music shirt. I bought this when they played Michiganfest for my brother (Ha, that makes it sound like they played Michiganfest FOR my brother. A more accurate wording would be: 'I bought this FOR MY BROTHER when they played Michiganfest). He couldn't go due to a school function but wanted a shirt. I'd just like to take this opportunity to comment on what a crucial component HWM's merch guy was to their ongoing financial independance before signing to Epitaph. For those of you who have never been so lucky as to have an experience with this dude, here's how it goes: Everything is priced at increments of either $4 and $9. whenever you give say, a 5 or a ten dollar bill, he'll give you the item you requested and 4 stickers (Stickers are a quarter). No one EVER says hey, where's my dollar, yo? It helps that the dude is all tough guy uniform wearer. Anyway, one time I saw a kid actually say 'Hey, where's my dollar,' and the dude got this NASTY look on his face, said 'They're on tour,' turned away from him, and that was it. The kid backed down. I wanted the kid who backed down to be meaner and say 'Yeah they're on tour in St. Andrew's with a giant guarantee, gimme my dollar.' But he didn't. So yes, considering the number of transactions taking place at the average HWM show (MANY) they're capitalizing on the passivity (is that a word?) of their merch buyers. lame.
September 20:

Krazyfest '99 T-shirt. This was one of those 'on the way to the car to leave' impulse buys, inspired buy the organizers' 'as they're all leaving lower the price by 75% and try to get rid of the rest of the shirts' tactics. I bought it for my younger brother but it didn't fit him. Yay.
Spoon shirt. I bought this last week when I saw Spoon in Bowling Green, Ohio. Right after I payed for this I knocked someones empty beer glass off the merch table and it shattered into a million pieces on the floor! I cleaned up the big pieces. If you were wearing sandals at this show and got glass up in your feet, that's what you get for wearing sandals! Buy shoes!
September 19:

Rusty shirt. From the photo it looks like a Rush shirt, and I kind of almost prefer that. Rusty was a pretty horrible canadian band who had a regional semi-hit (Remember those?) with 'Wake Me.' I bought this shirt at one of those all day 89X birthday show things. Also: aggressively orange.
September 18:

Braid shirt. I bought this at one of their last shows in Chicago. It's a weird grey color. I'm really insane about clothing and just because the color of this t-shirt strikes me as weird I've very rarely worn it. Anyways, this show was really fun, a bunch of us drove to Chicago from Michigan and stayed with the folks from stillwell. A good time was had by all.
September 17:

'The Thing' T-shirt. This shirt is aggressively orange. Thing is - (HA! 'THING is!' Get it?) I wasn't aware of this fact when I ordered it online. The order site thing said black on orange but i confused that for orange on black. So yes, I have an offensively orange shirt. That, however, seems to be the least of my problems as you'll note I order comic book related aparrel from the internet.
September 16:

XL Off-white shirt that fits like a dress. Moving on...
September 15:

Aztec shirt that my dad got on vacation somewhere. Would you be jealous if I told you it GLOWS IN THE DARK? Because it does, for no apparent reason.
September 14:

Hell, Michigan T-shirt. It was my brother's, and unfortunately it's a purple shirt, seriously, why do people even bother producing purple T-shirts? Anyways, yep. Hell, Michigan.
Little Orton Hogget and his 10 cent wings T-shirt. Little Orton Hoggett is Matt Murphy of Superfriendz / Flashing Lights fame. He has a fake country band (of which Chris Murphy of Sloan is also a member) that performs from time to time. This is their shirt. I bought it when I saw the Superfriendz in Windsor at the Loop. I'd seen the antics of Little Orton Hoggett on Muchmusic's 'Mucheast' a show that covered the Canadian east coast rock Scene. There's not much to link to about Little orton hoggett online save for this poorly concieved review of a live show. Anyways at this show I acquired a match book that depicts a fish and says 'Just for the halibut.' Also, in those days, above the bathrooms at the loop was a giant arrangement of white christmas lights that spelled out 'PISS' in the Kiss font. HAR! This shirt is 'brick' in color and I've decided I don't like 'brick' shirts.
September 13:

Elevator to Hell shirt. Elevator to Hell is the (inferior) Post-Eric's Trip project fronted by Rick White. I bought this when I saw them open for Sloan at Windsor's Capitol Theatre. For some reason, I vividly remember doing physics homework in the car on the way there, which is PRETTY FUCKING ROCK OF ME. The Local Rabbits also played this show.
September 12:

Chris Kempa.com shirt. This was made for the second Barn show we did this past July. You'll note the change in colors and font from the first year's shirts (The very first shirt on this page, way at the bottom). Good times. Shirts done by VGKids.
September 11:

I think THIS is the shirt I bought when I saw beck at the 89X birthday Thingamabob. Regardless, it depicts a circit diagram, comlete with an accurate resistor color chart. Fun to wear to electronics exams - It's a RIOT.
September 10:

Sloan MIT shirt. This appears to be some shirt commemorating some sort of collaborative academic project, but when I wear it people think it's a Sloan (the band) shirt, without me saying anything about it. It's fooled more people than you'd think. I got this shirt for my birthday from coworkers who found it in a thrift store.
September 9:

Jones Soda T-Shirt. I somehow acquired this shirt - it was either left at my brothers memorial or given to our family in the wake of my brother's passing. He was quite fond of Jones sodas and had begun wallpapering his bedroom in labels that he peeled from the bottles. This shirt depicts a flavorless label and a dude bowling. Yep.
September 8:

Lemonheads Shirt. The bottom says 'Kindergarteners go home.' Not much to say about this shirt, except I used to wear it all the time in high school and Erik Koppin used to always make fun of it. Whatever, yo.
September 7:

Beck 'Odelay' shirt. Surprisingly, says 'Odelay' on the back. I'm not sure when I purchased this shirt - I saw Beck several times in my highschool days. I'd guess that i bought this one when I saw him shortly after the release of Odelay at Whatever Clutch Cargo's was called then - I think it was 'Sanctum.' Cibo Matto opened and Sean Lennon played bass. Fun! If anyone knows of any way to buy, download or obtain Cibo Matto's Sugarwater video, then I'd love to know.
Another Beck T-shirt, this one says 'Beck Tour 1997.' I think I bought this at the 89X birthday bash he played at Phoenix Plaza in Pontiac. Sloan was on that bill, and as luck would have it, Beck invited them to play several additional dates based on the strength of that performance. Trivia! Actually wait no I think I'm lying. I think I bought this when I saw Beck with Ben Folds in The Spring of 1998, but the shirts were leftovers or something. My brain just accessed some faint memory of deciding that the shirt was already 1 year out of date when I bought it. Ah, MEMORY.
September 6:

Veruca Salt shirt. Yep. I liked that Eight Arms to Hold yoy record, and I saw them on that tour. It was there that I bought this T-shirt. A band called Local H opened, and while I hated their songs, I do remember thinking that the guitarist guy had remarkable control of his amp's feedback. Later they would release a single called 'Eddie Vedder' and issue a commemorative coin bearing eddie's Likeness to promote the single. So yeah, moving on.
Lush 'Lovelife' promo shirt. My friend Chris who worked at repeat the beat before I got a job there snagged this for me. Another one of those promo shirts sent out by record labels deals. For some reason that I still don't fully understand, I really liked ths album a LOT for awhile there, looking back, it's not so hot. That song with Jarvis Cocker is good though. "...Eating Meager Meals with the Curtains Closed.." etc.
September 5:

Unkle shirt. I got this when I worked at Repeat the Beat, a local new / used record store that has since gone under. Unkle's record label was giving these away free to promote their album and I got one.
September 4:

Jale shirt. I bought this when I saw them at an 89X birthday bash. How so many subpop bands played these 89X events in the past is beyond me. These days it's all STAIND and ANGERCO and TOUGHGUYYELL. Oh probably because they were all canadian subpop bands and 89X has to meet a certain quota of candain artists - CANCON - since it's based in Windsor. Way to answer your own question in print Adam! Way to speak to yourself in print as well! Anyways, my support of Jale can be traced back to my support for Sloan's Murderecords label. In retrospect, Jale isn't even very good. SO - If you're interested in giving me money for a nearly complete Jale discogrophy (All on vinyl!) let me know. I'll even throw in the shirt and a giant Subpop tour poster. Yay.
September 3:

Sloan Shirt. I bought this at the first Sloan show I ever attended (I've since seen them approximately 24 times WHOOPDEEDOO), a show that was announced at the time (1995) as Sloan's last show. It occured shortly after the end of the Twice Removed Tour, and they probably only did it because it was a University of Windsor event and they made a ridiculous amount of money. If the setlist was any gauge, though, they really were intending to break up (Contrary to statements in the press following the release of OCTA) as they played pretty much everything from Twice Removed and Smeared, a few from Peppermint, and nearly all their european B-sides of the day. Also on this bill were Juliana Hatfield, The Killjoys, and The Superfriendz (Chris Murphy on Drums version, far inferior to the Lonnie James on Drums and Dave Marsh on Drums Versions).
September 2:

Really BIG XL green T-shirt. Like a dress on me.
Really TIGHT XL green T-shirt. Like shrinkwrap on me. Bought at Radiohead's Toronto tour date, 2001.
September 1:

Computersaurus Rex Shirt. I am a Computersaurus Rex. I believe I am at least the fourth person to have posessed this shirt, as once you wear it and realize the sort of looks passersby direct at a fully grown person wearing it, one generally decides to pass it on to another dorky friend. Or so I gather. Courtesy of Sarah.
August 31:

Hardship Post shirt. The Hardship Post were a band from Halifax, Novascotia, on Subpop records. I bought this shirt at the same show I bought the Zumpano shirt discussed below. I also saw the HP at one of the early 89X birthday bashes, also featuring Hum (I'd Prefer an Astronaut Era). At any rate, they had this great idea to record an album, and then kick out their drummer and tour as a two piece, alternating drum duties. So yeah, the live sets never lived up to their recorded work. Also: their earlier and later material is universally better than what they did for Subpop. There you go, several unrelated points!
Rainer Maria shirt. I bought this when they played Detroit's now defunct i/o. This was they second time I saw them at the i/o, and also the second time I obliviously did something stupid - The first time I lost a $20 bill from my pocket, this time I obliviously passed up an opportunity with a girl who I'm told was hitting on me. So yeah this show occurred around the time of their Atlantic EP thingy. I may or may not have spilled candle wax on the sleeve of this shirt because I may or may not have been attempting to balance a lit candle on my head while wearing this shirt.
August 30:

Strokes Shirt. I bought this when they played St. Andrew's last September. The Witches were supposed to play the shelter that night but somehow weaseled their way into opening for the strokes as the moldy peaches didn't make it to this show. I originally intended to sell this shirt on ebay, but I put it in my closet and forgot about it and now strokes shirts are readily available to the unwashed masses. Have you noticed how ebay is pretty much my lifeblood yet?
Walla Walla College Shirt. This was my brother's and I have no idea how he ever managed to fit into it, because it's the TIGHTEST SHIRT IN THE WORLD.
August 29:

Sunny Day Real Estate Shirt. This was my brother's, he bought it when we saw them at St. Andrew's Hall, a few days after "How it Feels to be Something on" came out. It was really good. You know that one song from "...Something on" that has all that weird chanting stuff before it finally breaks into the song? They played that song, but without the weird chanting, and I was left with the impression that they had wanted the audience to sort of spontaneously do the chanting part, but like I said the album had just come out a few days prior, so it didn't really work out.
August 28:

Get-up kids shirt I bought When I saw them at Krazyfest in Louisville, Kentucky in 1999. That was a fun trip. I just went back and looked at the travelogue I put together shortly after and boy, did those photos come out shitty.
August 27:

Sigur Ros shirt. I bought this when I saw them at the Park West in Chicago, in 2000. They played really well, but it was mostly new material. I bought a Tour only EP which features the operettic warblings of one of their countrymen paired with their (extremely) minimal backing. I sold it on ebay for at least 250% of what I payed so that's good. Defraying costs of the trip and all. The shirt says "Avoid Apocalypse, Buy Hope" in both english and 'Hopelandish.' Also, right over the crotch area it says 'Sigur Ros'
August 26:

Star wars shirt. When I was a freshman in high school, I had this patch and found this yellow T-shirt at a thrift store, effectively creating a REALLY COOL Star Wars T-shirt for myself before the HUGE 20th anniversary revival (1997) made it easy to find them again. SWEET DUDE.
August 25:

Joan of Arc shirt. This one was my brother's - he bought it at the last show I ever attended with him - RSB opening for Joan of Arc at the Magic Stick in Detroit. Just for the record, I've never liked Joan of Arc, or much of anything any Kinsella has touched. There's one really good American Football song, though. The ink on this one is just pink enough to be noticable if you look closely.
Another Remington shirt - this one was a 'reject' as we applied the ink way too thick - parts of letters would just crack right off.
August 24:

Eliott Smith shirt. I bought this when I saw him play at St. Andrews Hall in between the release of X/O and Figure 8. I remember he played 'Easy Way Out' and I was bowled over by how good it was, as well as by how he was able to pull off all the intricate fingerpicking and such in the live situation.
August 23:

Neil Halsted shirt. He recently played a solo show at a Borders and though I wanted to go, I ended up being stuck at work. Sarah was kind enough to pick me up this shirt.
August 22:

Promise Ring shirt. This one was my brother's. He bought it at Michiganfest the year both the Promise Ring and Elliot played. I was at this show and I remember all the cool Michiganfestclique kids literally flattening the crowd in front of them in such a way that I was actively trying to prevent certain individuals form doing so - They would line up several yards behind the back of the crowd gathered to watch the Promise Ring play, lock arms, and then run at the unsuspecting people in the back row at full speed, catching them by complete surprise and flattening them into the rows in front of them in a sort of domino effect. I saw several people near me pick themselves up from the floor bleeding after such an occurance. This was repeated several times throughout the night. Remember kids! HARDCORE IS COOL! AND TOUGH GUYS ARE EVEN COOLER! BEAT UP KIDS WHO DON'T PLAY HARDCORE BECAUSE IT'S FUNNY BUT ALSO SAVE ALL THE ANIMALS AND PREACH TOLERANCE IN PAMPHLETS!
The very last of my plain black shirts, found in the very back of my closet. This one has holes and is worn so thin it's ridiculous.
August 21:

Princess Leia shirt. I bought this when I was a freshman in Highschool and at the height of my star wars infatuation. One of my classmates, Joe, made a habit of stopping in front of me and putting his hands in the air when I would wear this shirt as theough the gun were pointed at him. JOKES!
August 20:

Shins shirt. I bought this when I saw them at the Sirenfest in Coney Island New York, last month.
Braid shirt. I bought this when I saw them at the Shelter, with Sarge and everyone's favorite Mod revivalists, Empire State Games.
August 19:

Jimmy Eat World Shirt. This one was my brother's, he either bought it when they played the Shelter shortly after Clarity was released, or when they played the Magic Stick on his 15th birthday. Not sure which. I remember at the Magic Stick show, MTV was there filming one of those you hear 'em first things. There's a photo from the Magic Stick show in the liner notes to that Jimmy Eat World singles collection in which two of my highschool classmates can be seen.
August 18:

Bjork T-shirt. Bought when I saw her on tour in Toronto. This was the most formal concert I've ever been to - ushers, wine, programs, arranged seating, etc - but they still sold T-shirts. Matmos opened and they were the most entertaining techno act I've seen perform live.
August 17:

EDS shirt. This and the other shirt I wore today are both from my brothers closet. Can you tell this experiment is winding down? I'm guessing it'll be done by Mid-September.
Ford 'Mommas don't let your babies grow up to drive Chevys' Shirt.
August 16:

Kennedy High School Eagles shirt. Another acquisition from myt brother's closet. I'd imagine it was bought at a thrift store as neither of us attended a Kennedy High School.
August 15:

Belle & Sebastian T-shirt. I saw Belle & Sebastian at the beginning of the summer at the State Theatre in Detroit. They played a great show, constantly changing members and instrumentation. They threw in a couple of covers as well, including a rendition of the Zombies' 'Time of the Season' to close the show. It was really, really good, so I bought a shirt.
August 14:

The second of the two free Elvis Costello shirts. Yippee.
August 13:

Independance Township soccer shirt. The print is kind of faded so it looks like it just says independance. Stole from my brother's closet.
The Weakerthans shirt. I bought this when I say them play at the shelter in detroit in late 2000. Two things about this show: it was the first and only time I've ever experienced 'Perfect show timing." That is, we walked in the door, approached the stage, and at that very moment, The Weakerthens struck the first note of the first song. No waiting. At all. Beautiful. Second, during their set, one of the guitarists broke a string, and managed to remove the old one, put on a new one and tune it up in a matter of like, 15 seconds. It was fucking amazing. About the shirt - I like to wear it when participating in any active pasttime in which other participants might not know that the Weakerthans are a band and mistake it for a team name or something.
August 12:

Pavement T-shirt. The logo is printed in reflective ink which is why the picture looks a little weird. I bought this on their 'Terror Twilight' tour. The show was at anti-ventilation HQ - AKA St. Andrew's hall - on a ridiculously hot day in the middle of summer. The lonesome organist opened and was more entertaining than Pavement, who took FOREVER to finally stroll out on stage and then played absolutely NOTHING I wanted to hear, all the while taunting me with projected slides bearing the titles of songs I did want them to play. This show made me hate Steve Malkmus. Needless to say I bought the shirt on the way IN.
August 11:

Counting Crows shirt. I bought this at the first concert I went to, in junior high: Counting Crows, Alex Chilton and Frente. Counting Crows were riding high on the success of 'August and Everything After,' Frente was riding high on the success of their cover of 'Bizarre Love Tringle,' and Alex Chilton... played many, many songs in french. Adam Duritz kicked a guy out for heckling at this show and I thought that was SO Rock N' Roll.
"How to succeed in business without really trying" shirt. Another score form my brother's closet, doubtlessly purchased at a thrift store.
August 10:

Either my last or second to last plain black T-shirt. I'll know soon...
August 9:

My new favorite shirt. The image on this shirt is what you see if you eat every possible dot, ghost and bonus and beat the 255th level on a classic pacman machine. The board can't handle a higher score and freaks out. People who comment on this shirt so far have thought it was some artsy fartsy bastardization of pacman, but then I made a point of explaining to them what it was and then they ALL THOUGHT I WAS REALLY COOL. It's a seven color screenprint, which only means something to you if you're into design and crap like that. I bought this T-shirt from errorware.
August 8:

Plain tan pocket T. Fuck yeah.
Wayne State University shirt. Bought in some temporary, misguided fit of pseudo-school spirit in Fall 2000, while buying books for classes. It was cheap.
August 7:

'Raiders' T-shirt. This is sort of a 'joke' T-shirt, and the joke is contingent on the viewer knowing that the sandpeople in the Star Wars movies were also known as Tusken Raiders. Someone took the Old L.A. Raiders logo and grafted a sandperson on there. So yeah, if you 'get' the joke, than odds are you're REALLY COOL. I bought this shirt around christmastime 1999 at a tiny record store here in livonia. I am unable to leave this particular record store without purchasing something - otherwise I'd feel guilty - because the guy who owns it is super nice and there's NEVER anyone else in there. Also: The back says 'Tatooine Hardcore,' which is another JOKE FOR WINNERS because Tatooine is the Tusken Raider's native planet. Moving on...
August 6:

Lemonheads T-shirt. I've had more people offer to relieve me of this shirt than any other article of clothing I own. I wore it to a shoe store today and the dude said he'd call over to the other store if I 'gave him my shirt.' But I didn't and he still called. I bought this at desirable discs in Dearborn.
August 5:

Weezer shirt #9. I found it. I'm not sure where I acquired this one.
Pearl Jam 'Choices' shirt. I got this shirt really cheap at an outlet mall in my highschool days, probably because it's missing the 'Crayons to guns' printing on the back.
University of Michigan Biological Station shirt. Sarah picked this up for me when she visited fellow librarian and summer biostation employee theresa valko a few weeks back - prolonging the project by acquiring another shirt. Getting new shirts in the middle of this project is good though, because I didn't really plan out any order, so whenever it starts to look like I'm left with all the lame ones, I can sort of set one aside that's not so lame for future use.
August 4:

Hamilton shirt. Hamilton were a metal band that my late-highschool band played several shows with. I bought this shirt at the last show we played with them, at the IO in Detroit. This was among the shirts that I recently claimed from my brother's closet - he was in the habit of liberally borrowing from my room, so I figure I'm returning the favor by helping myself to his collection of T-shirts for this project. In the process, I'm discovering where all my T-shirts that disappeared a year or so ago were all this time.
August 3:

Weezer shirt #8 (last one). At one time there was another weezer shirt floating around somewhere, but for now it loooks like this is the end of the line. I bought this on the pinkerton tour at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. Earlier that day I saw them play an acoustic Show at a local Harmony House. At the acoustic show they signed copies of the infamous Alternative Press that revealed all their in-fighting, as it was just hitting the streets. The back names all the countries they visited on the Pinkerton tour.
My very last plain white T-shirt, unless I buy more. I'd say I've got another month's worth to go.
August 2:

Weezer shirt #7. Nothing too interesting to say about this one, other than that the color of the shirt is ridiculously ugly.
Jejune shirt. A terrible design but I really liked the band. I bought this shirt when I saw them at Krazyfest 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Say Yes to Michigan shirt. I recently went through my brothers closet and inherited a number of his t-shirts, this one included. I'm pretty sure he got it at a thrift store.
August 1:

I bought this particular weezer shirt the first time I saw them live, with the Archers of Loaf, my freshman year of highschool. It was the first show I had ever gone to 'unsupervised.' And I also bought an archers of loaf shirt, which now that I think of it, is conspicuously MIA.
The back of the Weezer shirt. WIT!
Red Shirt Brigade shirt, which is red. Bought from Erik (Who is red) shortly after he picked them up from the printer.
July 31:

Weezer shirt. It's XL and white so obviously it's been demoted to undershirt status. I bought this one at the end of the summer / beginning of fall 2000, at the detroit stop on weezer's first tour in years. The morning of this show was my grandmother's funeral in Buffalo, New York. After the funeral and the following lunch with extended family, my brother and I set off across Canada towards Detroit, while my parents remained in Buffalo. I had no idea that two months later I would be attending his funeral, and though it may have seemed slightly crass at the time to leave a funeral for a rock concert, I've been grateful ever since that we had that last little excursion together.
July 30:

The first weezer shirt I bought, shortly after the blue album came out. I bought it at the local 'Rock T-shirts and leather wallets, and oh, hey you want sextoys too? 'Cause we got sextoys' store, which closed shortly after. The back says 'Rock Music.'
Eric's Trip T-shirt. I bought this when I finally saw them live on their 'Reunion' tour of Canada, last summer.
July 29:

Jellyfish shirt. I technically don't own this shirt, I stole it from my lady and am wearing it because it's so great. Spilt Milk = such a great album. Yes. It's purple, but that's allowed because it rules. Hi Zach!
Changed into this weezer shirt. I bought this one when I swallowed my pride and saw them with Face to Face and er... No Doubt. That was the last show I saw them with Matt Sharp, and the last time I saw Weezer until they made their 'comeback.' The inset is the back.
July 28:

Weezer shirt. I got this the last time I saw them, at the State Theatre, shortly before the green album came out. The design was done by Adrian Tomine of Optic Nerve fame, which rules. I was rather drunk at this show and am told by friends that some rather large Nu-weezer fans attempted to relieve me of this shirt on multiple occaisions, as it was tucked into my pants.
July 27:

Weezer T-shirt. When I was in highschool, weezer was my favorite band to a ridiculous degree. Therefore I have a ton of Weezer shirts. I'm going to wear one every day and see how long I can go. I bought this one when I saw them with That Dog and Teenage Fanclub pre-pinkerton. The back says "Brush Your Teeth and Do Your Homework." I got caught in a monsoon while wearing this shirt, so I threw it in the wash. Picture when it comes out the other end.
Atari T-shirt. I always feel like people think I'm being ironic t-shirt guy with this, but again, I'm not. Arcade games are the best, yo.
July 26:

Elvis Costello Shirt. I have two of this shirt, both taken from the 'Shirts that are too white and XL for anyone to ever buy' bin at the record store I used to work at. It appears to have been produced in conjunction with the 'Other Side of Summer' single. The back has tour dates for Elvis and the Rude 5.
Blank baseball shirt. This one has black sleeves, the previous one had navy sleeves. Also bought on clearance for 5 bucks at a sporting goods store at the end of last summer.
July 25:

Solid blue GAP shirt. Every holidy season my extended family buys me gift cards to places like the GAP and Old Navy, hence the proliferation of plain solid color t-shirts.
July 24:

Smiths Shirt. Worn as an undershirt at work, primarily because I never wear this shirt. This is because a.) it's white, and I think I already explained my aversion to white shirts, and b.) it's an XL, which means it's too big. The back has the discography listed.
Changed into this after work. A T-shirt for Doug Liman's 'Go,' given to me by a friend.
July 23:

T shirt for my highschool band. We made 'em ourselves in Marty's backyard. Fun. One time we were selling our (then) new 7" at michiganfest and a member of a band called 'RemingtIn' quite seriously threatened our lives if we didn't change our name. We broke up shortly thereafter, anyways.
Plain grey Old Navy. Fuckin' a.
July 22:

Mooney Suzuki T-shirt bought at sirenfest in NYC. I haven't really heard much of their recorded output, but their live show was easily one of the best of the fest. Their drummer is insane.
July 21:

Your Body Is Our Business T-Shirt. It's an auto body shop T-shirt, obviously. I thought it was pretty hott. Bought at a thrift store in 2001.
July 20:

I got this Elvis Costello shirt at a show in the summer of 99 (?) at Meadowbrook. I wore it to the Siren Fest at Coney Island today, and apparently people talked about it when they would see it because the people I was with told me so. I wouldn't know, as I discovered that I am pretty much 100% deaf on this trip. Belltone, indeed.
July 19:

Driving from Detroit to NYC today, starting at 5 AM. This is a Ford Family Fun Run 1988 shirt, another that comes courtesy of the warehouse mentioned below. I think I have another of these buried somewhere - I'll find out for sure as this ridiculous project progresses.
~11 hours driving in a van equals take a shower and change your shirt. I bought this 'Widow' shirt at a Thrift store in Toronto when I was there to see Eric's Trip late last summer.
July 18:

Plain white - one of the last few. Worn as an undershirt at work while I worked a turnaround shift so I could leave for New York early Friday morning. Hooray.
Smiths - The Queen is Dead shirt. Not my favorite album by the Smiths (That would be 'Strangeways'), but this is the least visually appalling Smiths shirt I've ever found. They're always white and I hate white T-shirts for some reason. I confess that I bought this on eBay but it was pretty cheap.
July 17:

Weird Al Yankovic T-shirt. From 1992. I worked all day and wore this as an undershirt, but only because it's too short to wear on it's own. I'm not ashamed of my love for Al Yankovic.
July 16:

Voltron T-shirt. I played basketball in this and forgot to take a picture before washing it. So when it dries: a picture. I got this at uh... Urban Outfitters, on an exchange from a gift from my coworkers, which I only exchanged because it was too small.
Webster Elementary class of '92 shirt. Obviously I got this in 1992. Rob pointed out that I should be grateful that it still fits.
Detail of above. Like my faux-Metallica signiture? Yeah.
July 15:

Lost In Space. I bought this T-shirt at a comic store when I was in Junior High. Some new company had recently acquired the merchindising rights to Lost In Space and was going hog wild producing things at the time. So it's pretty old and it shows.
Blank baseball shirt. Bought on clearance for 5 bucks at a sporting goods store at the end of last summer. Hot damn.
July 14:

Superfriendz T-shirt. I can't remember if I got this at a show or through mail order. They were a really good band from Canada. Chris Murphy of Sloan fame was their drummer at one time. Yay.
July 13:

Monkees T-shirt. Bought it at a thrift store in late 2000. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WEAR THIS SHIRT SOMEONE ASKS WHERE MIKE NESMITH IS AND I WANT TO GRAB THEM BY THE THROAT AND SAY: "If you really cared about the post-television Monkees you would know that Mike has had a pretty patchy history with them, and examining the T-shirt design should make it quite clear that it is the souvenier of a tour in which he did not participate. Also - This is not "Ironic old band T-shirt." I love the monkees - I learned to play guitar by listening to Monkees records. So there.
July 12:

Spiritualized T-shirt. Bought on their fall 2001 tour. Supposedly J. Spaceman was so drugged out that he doesn't even remember going on that tour. Good show.
July 11:

Plain white again - you'll just have to take my word that I have enough white t-shirts to keep this going - but by now you should know that I'm completely insane and therefore am holding myself to this.
Franklin Players 'Oh the places you'll go' T-shirt 1998. Yeah, high school. I ran sound for this show which ISN'T DORKY AT ALL. We only did it twice, and the second time everything was going through a bad channel on the mixer and therefore no sound came out. But it wasn't my fault, so there.
July 10:

Plain white. I worked all day then watched TV. PRODUCTIVE!
July 9:

The second of the two free Budweiser / Kmart shirts I got. Again, worn as an undershirt at work.
Dick Tracy movie shirt. I was told recently at a party that this design was only given away for free at sneak prevues, but who knows. I bought it at a thrift store in 2001.
July 8:

Zumpano T-shirt. I bought this in the mid 90's ('95. I checked.) when I saw Zumpano, The Hardship Post, and Six Finger Satellite on the Human Touch tour at the shelter in detroit. For a long time, there was a picture of me wearing this shirt with drummer Jason Zumpano on the Sub Pop site, but it's gone now (There's still a link to the non-existant picture here. Scroll down to where it says Jason Zumpano finds some fans in Detroit." Or don't.) The back says "Makin' girls cry since '92." Also: This shirt is from the period in my life that I pretended to wear size XL but I really didn't. So what I'm saying is it's big.
July 7:

Plain white. Hanes. Worn as an undershirt at work. A side benefit to this experiment is that it's opened my eyes to just how haggard my plain white shirts are, so I'm gonna buy me some new ones and toss the old ones as I wear 'em.
Another plain olive. This one's from Old Navy.
July 6:

Nymb t-shirt. Bought it when the Recital played with them at the Pirate house in Ann Arbor in late 2000. I wore this shirt while practicing for the benefit show that was scheduled to begin at six.
I changed into this classic plain black tee (I think I have 4 left) for the show.
So the last band to play at the benefit show was the Paincakes. The Paincakes are a sort of jokey hardcore band that I am a member of, and naturally we have airbrushed T-shirts. I wore mine for the ten minutes it took to play our set and then changed back to the black.
July 5:

Plain olive green. Hanes. Yep.
Classic plain black again. One of an absolutely ridiculous number of plain black t-shirts.
July 4:

Washington Capitals shirt. This was the first shirt I grabbed but in hindsight, I guess it was kind of patriotic for the 4th. I bought it at a thrift store in late 2000.
July 3:

Another warehouse find courtesy of my friend Erin. Boy's Clubs of Metropolitan Detroit Rail O' Rama '76.
July 2:

Goin' to the beach. I got this shirt for free when a friend who was cleaning out an old warehouse discovered all sorts of bulk tee shirts. This one is for the '82 John Derda Memorial Old Timer's Game.
July 1:

Classic plain black.
Got all sweaty practicing with The Recital. Changed into this Flashing Lights shirt I bought when they played the Lager House a month or so ago.
June 30:

Budweiser / k-mart shirt I got for free. I wore it as an undershirt at work today and a pen exploded in my pocket and soaked right through it.
What I changed into after work. We had these shirts made for a benefit show we put on in 2001. The next show happens on July 6th.