Zumpano Rarities

I finally found an affordable (Which is to say it cost significantly less than the $50 most japanese resellers are charging for it) copy of the Japanese pressing of Zumpano's "Goin' Through Changes," which includes all their 7" rarities as bonus tracks.

Since I've never seen many of these songs available on any file-sharing network, I figured I'd post them here so that any interested parties can hear them. Everything has been out of print for quite awhile, so I don't anticipate any problems, but if there are, this site might vanish. There's one thing I'm still trying to clear up: where did 'The New Country' originally appear? If you know the answer, drop me a line.

B-Sides & Rarities

Changes (The Zombies)
   Originally appeared on the "World of the Zombies" 10", released on Popllama records. [cover]

Silas Stingy (The Who)
   Originally slated to appear on the unreleased "Who Sell Out" Tribute, assembled by Futureman records. [backstory]

The Only Reason Under the Sun
    This was the A-side of a 7" released on Sloan's Murderecords imprint (MUR020), and isn't the same mix as used on the "Goin' Through Changes" album (Keys are louder, guitars are different, and the vocals seem double-tracked). This version can be found digitally as a part of the "Murderecords 7" Singles 1993 - 1998" Compilation, released in 2013.

The Long and Winding Road (Lennon / McCartney)
    Originally appeared as the B-side of "The only Reason Under the Sun" 7" released on Sloan's Murderecords imprint (MUR020) Also found on the Japanese Pressing of "Goin' Through Changes."

Orange Air (Jimmy Webb)
   Originally Appeared as the B-side of the "Wraparound Shades" 7", released on Sub Pop (SP 286) [cover]. Also found on the Japanese Pressing of "Goin' Through Changes."

The Mods of Christmastown
   Originally appeared on "The Dawn of a New Era" CD [liner, disc], included with issue #25 of Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine [cover, article page 1, article page 2].

The Moment Business
   Originally appeared on "Twisted," A four way split 7" with The Superfriendz, Cheticamp, and the New Grand. Released on Poster Girl Records. Also found on the Japanese Pressing of "Goin' Through Changes."

The New Country
   Found exclusively (?) on the Japanese Pressing of "Goin' Through Changes."


The Party Rages On (From "Look What The Rookie Did")

I Dig You (From "Look What The Rookie Did")

Behind The Beehive (From "Goin' Through Changes")


Live on CBC Radio Vancouver, 1.26.1999

     From Radiosonic's Burt Bacharach night - all Bacharach covers. This set was unearthed here. The lineup at this session was:

Carl Newman: Vocals, Guitar, Hammond B-3
Michael Ledwidge: Piano
David Carswell: Guitar
Stefan Niemann: Bass
Jason Zumpano: Drums

01 - Intro
02 - Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
03 - Interview
04 - Anyone Who Had A Heart
05 - What The World Needs Now Is Love
06 - Interview
07 - Always Something There To Remind Me
08 - My Little Red Book
09 - Outro

Live at the Shelter in Detroit, 4.8.1997

     I recorded this show with a bad microphone and a cassette recorder, which explains the quality. I then proceeded to lose the unmarked cassette for 6 years. I recently rediscovered it and ripped it to MP3. Points of interest include the cover of yet another Zombies song - 'This Will Be Our Year' - complete with a hellaciously wrong first chord; and a cover of Michael Pagliaro's 'Some Sing, Some Dance.' Good times. There are also some photos I took at the show below.

01 - The Party Rages On
02 - Let's Fight
03 - (Title Unknown)
04 - Here's the Plan
05 - Momentum
06 - Behind the Beehive
07 - This Will Be Our Year (Zombies)
08 - Some Sing, Some Dance (Michael Pagliaro)
09 - Platinum Best Served Cold
10 - Broca's Ways (Cuts Off)