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"Good writing dies at the hands of search engine optimization."


I'm such a sucker for any old thing exhaustively explained. Sold!


When I was a kid, there were three fictional devices that I desperately wanted to be real:

  • The Lightsaber (Star Wars)
  • The Hoverboard (Back to the Future II)
  • Penny’s Computerbook (Inspector Gadget)

This weekend, I FINALLY got a computerbook, and I totally just wrote this blog post on it.

Very cool game concept where powerups incrementally change the context of the audio and visuals from monochrome through 16 bit gaming conventions. Don't miss the 'Select a resolution' control on the blog itself – very nice touch.

Unsurprisingly, both this and the Chinese translation show insane attention to detail.

This appears to have been generated by a 'things Adam likes' machine.

The bedrooms America's young war dead left behind.

This particular image is a great example – there are sections in all states of completion, showing the crazy range between the roughed-in Flash and Cyborg at the bottom to the completed Batman and Green Lantern at the top.
I still maintain that someone should publish a series that is just Jim Lee PENCILS – no inking necessary.

One Year ago, TODAY…

I was in Utsunomiya, Japan, being waited on by a monkey named Fuku-chan.