Month: February 2005


: The horribly Ill-advised ‘modernization’ of the Warner Bros. cartoon oeuvre (Bugs, Daffy, etc)

Old Roll of Film

Spoon Live @ Howard's, Fall 2002

     In late 2002, I took several photos of Spoon at a show in Ohio. I did this using my girlfriend’s 35mm camera, which was loaded with black and white film. The following week, this film was loaded onto a reel and placed in a tank for developing. The tank was then placed in her trunk.

     In January of 2005, she got a flat tire, and finally had to clean out her trunk. It was at this time that the tank was unearthed – still sealed tight, but having weathered two winters and summers in the car. I took the tank in to a local photo shop and had them develop the film.

     The negatives definitely appear to have been affected by the time / temperature / etc, but there were still some fun shots, which I posted to Flickr. Woo.

Whats In Your Fridge?

     I’ve lately gotten into the bad habit of drawing faces on each milk jug I come across, as seen below.


     I was taking a picture of my latest effort in his natural environment (The fridge) when it occurred to me that there should be somewhere online where people can share images of the insides of their refridgerators (a la MTV’s Cribs), JUST BECAUSE. Then I realized that someone smarter, stronger, and faster than me had probably already started such a group on Flickr, and I was right. There are, in fact, two distinct groupings of this variety: whatsinyourfridge, and whatsinmyfridge. Here’s mine (Click the image for a larger, ‘Nosy Neighbor’-sized version):


     Now, should you feel the compulsive need to add faces to Milk Jugs as I do, I encourage you to upload photos of your creations to Flickr tagged with ‘Milkjughead.’ The world would be a better place if you did.

Look Out For Pirates!

     After reading this Ask Metafilter thread about life-altering experiences in childhood, I was reminded of the first book I was ever able to read on my own – or more specifically, the book I was perusing when the entire process of reading finally ‘clicked’ for me.

     It was “Look Out For Pirates,” volume #22 in the Random House Beginner Books collection, originally published in 1961. I searched Amazon to see if it was still available, and found this page – filled with comments recommending that it be reprinted for both nostalgic and educational purposes.


     As I recall, we had it checked out from the library for so long that we eventually had to buy it. I’m amazed I still remember this, so I’m curious if other people remember the first book they were able to read on their own. Post in the comments if you can.