I’ve lately gotten into the bad habit of drawing faces on each milk jug I come across, as seen below.


     I was taking a picture of my latest effort in his natural environment (The fridge) when it occurred to me that there should be somewhere online where people can share images of the insides of their refridgerators (a la MTV’s Cribs), JUST BECAUSE. Then I realized that someone smarter, stronger, and faster than me had probably already started such a group on Flickr, and I was right. There are, in fact, two distinct groupings of this variety: whatsinyourfridge, and whatsinmyfridge. Here’s mine (Click the image for a larger, ‘Nosy Neighbor’-sized version):


     Now, should you feel the compulsive need to add faces to Milk Jugs as I do, I encourage you to upload photos of your creations to Flickr tagged with ‘Milkjughead.’ The world would be a better place if you did.