MonthApril 2005

Video of New Order ‘covering’ “Love WIll Tear Us Apart” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

– Not sure how I feel about that.

North Carolina Museum of Art’s gigantic ‘Picture This’

– viewed via google’s satellite imagery.

Now THIS is a doubleneck guitar.

Most people are probably posting this for ironic purposes, but this guy has devised a way to effectively use both necks. A+

Life-size lego model of Han Solo in Carbonite.

Only thing nerdier than building life-size lego models: building life-size star wars lego models. Awesome.

Compilation of independantly developed Gameboy Advance Games: $12.00.

The results of’s 2004 competition on a spiffy cartridge.

Ragtime Ephemeralist Website updated.

1st and 2nd issues to be reprinted! Hot cake-walk action!

Mystery of the Mario Paint Song: Solved!

Chris Ware to self-publish future work

MP3: ‘Art Is Not A Loaf of Bread.’

Effect: Museums of modern art flooded with loaves of bread submitted for exhibition by lazy postmodernists.

Hahahaha best Image ever.

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