MonthApril 2005

Michigan Weather

     A one-act play starring several tulips.

April 23rd, 2005

April 24th, 2005

The Chosen:


     Up-to-the-minute coverage of Michigan-area snow-covered tulip photography available here (Thanks, Scott).

Moody Youth

Garage Sale find:

     Four volumes from the “Moody Youth Library.” What a great name. They appear to be vaguely Hardy Boys-ian, (Titles include ‘Scotty and the Mysterious Message,’ ‘The Case of the Dancing Fire,’ etc.), though my brief googling has revealed some christian edu-tainment connotations, so maybe they were the churchgoing Hardy Boys.

     That said, if I were starting a bad emo record label, it would totally be called ‘Moody Youth Records.’


Gunstar Heroes Sequel coming to the GBA.

The original was my favorite genesis game ever. NERD.

Gallery of ‘art’ drawn using the Nintendo DS’ Pictochat.

Ypsilanti Water Tower named world’s most phallic building by Cabinet Magazine

This was the landmark I once used to locate my girlfriend’s house, which was one block away from the intersection it occupies. (Thanks, Leah!)

ask.mefi: How many hours do you REALLY work a week?

I just started a new job so I’m through the roof on this one.

Intentional phallic imagery in movie poster art.

“ – all phallic, all the time.”

Flickr: Fun mosaic photo

‘Darkfader’ inches the world closer and closer to homebrew code on the DS

iPod fodder for nerds: Fanboy radio.

Comic-industry talk radio – free downloads of episodes 1-14, episodes 15-200 are 75 cents.

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