MonthJune 2006

Spider-Man 3 Trailer.

Venom, Sandman, and Gwen Stacy. Nice!

Gwen Stacy’s Wikipedia entry.

The detail contained in wikipedia’s comic book articles is staggering. And scary.

Good interview with mosaicist / weaver Peggy Dembicer. – DVD commentary nerds, unite!

Instant Albums

     Yet another website for a nerdy musical project I was involved in: The gist was to throw a party where random ‘bands’ would be drawn from a hat and tasked with writing and recording a song in an hour. Below is the latest version of the ‘rules:’

  • Invite a bunch of ‘music people.’
  • Write names of all participants on slips of paper, which are then folded and placed in a bowl.
  • Draw ‘Bands’ of a predetermined number from the bowl
  • No more than 2 bandmates on any team, only 1 if they’re regularly a trio.
  • Once the first band is drawn, they will descend into the basement, where they will have exactly one hour to write and record basic tracks.
  • No further names will be drawn until their hour ends, so no one gets a head start.
  • Each band will be granted an additional half-hour for vocals following the subsequent band’s initial hour.
  • Strict clock enforcement!

     We did this on three seperate occaisions. Our findings are available on the website, which exists in order to encourage others to duplicate the experiment / event.

     I meant to link to this awhile ago, but I somehow managed to completely forget about it. Only upon seeing this Pitchfork news story, detailing a forthcoming live composition gameshow pitting members of the Shins against SNL’s Fred Armisen was I reminded that it existed. Now seems like a good enough time to link to it. The article mentions that this event may eventually be developed into a TV show, which would be very, very great.

Pitchfork Mines Youtube for “100 Awesome Music Videos”

Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays TV performance from the day before fatal plane crash

1949 King Features Syndicate ‘roster’ book

Paul Collins on Victorian ‘rock’ bands

Cryptic photoblog detailing the production of P.T. Anderson’s ‘There Will Be Blood.’

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