"Hey! Someone not doing something they said they were doing… welcome to Detroit!"

This is possibly the best thing ever.

Four years later, and as far as I know, a torrent never appeared.

There's a documentary on Rhodes called 'One Man Beatles' that is currently screening at festivals. Hopefully it makes it to DVD faster than the Harry Nilsson doc.

Mark Maynard: "What I’m seeing isn’t a nuanced look at a complex situation – it’s straight up Detroit murder porn."

an accordion-style artbook with panels carefully drawn to create a contiguous image – regardless of which sections are collapsed. The original pencils for the finished drawings are printed on the back. Perfect.

This perfectly summarizes my experiences testing three different Android devices (myTouch, Droid, Evo).

Vinyl nerd alert!

"Good writing dies at the hands of search engine optimization."


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