I think I’ve finally worked out enough of the bugs to mention without coder shame that Suburban Sprawl Music has launched our 2008 Holiday compilation.

44 artists from Michigan and beyond contributed songs this year. Ironically, I think this is the first time in three years that none of the songs are about unemployment.

This year I decided to update how the holiday page works, dragging it kicking and screaming into the world of 2007 web technologies. You can now play any song in its entirety by clicking on the title / artist, and we’ve cleaned up the downloading interface so everything is (in theory) easier to use. It should be working in all major browsers, but if you find anything weird, let me know. I might cry, but I still want to know.

I couldn’t decide on a song from the Ventures Christmas Album to attack this year, so I made up one of my own – a sort of Ventures Holiday Music Fanfic offering, if you will. As with everything, I put this off until the absolute last second, and ended up learning all the parts, recording them, and throwing together a final mix in the span of about six hours.

My one regret: I was without a drum key, so the snare sounds like balls. I will get over it though. I always do.

You can download the MP3 here, or I’ve embedded it below for easy listenin’.

[audio:Adam Kempa – Jailhouse Angels.mp3]