I came across the following in a post on the craftster message board:

     “There’s a building on my old campus (western michigan university), that spells out WMU (or something like that, I couldn’t really read it, lol) in [binary using] the windows on each side of the building.”

     “I believe the building you are thinking of spells out “welcome to western.” right now its being used for the math department and then a few other classes that need a space to hold class.”

     “It was designed to look like a punch card spelling out “Welcome to Western”. The building was the original home to all of Western’s computer-y goodness way back in the dark ages (in other words, when I was a student there) when punch cards were used for input/output and storage.”

     I’ve done some googling but haven’t come up with any images. Does anyone out there know of any images online, or is there anyone at Western Michigan University who can snap a photo of the relevant part of the Math Dept. building? I’m intrigued!

     Additionally: are there other examples of hidden messages and codes in architecture?

UPDATE: here’s a building in Ukraine with an empty crossword puzzle on its side. The clues are scattered throughout the city. Apparently if a certain sort of light is shined on the building at night, the answers appear. Nice!