Indie Comic artist Johnny Ryan, known for his ‘Angry Youth‘ Comics and general poor-taste, has been skewering the elder statesmen of indie comics in his ‘Shouldn’t You be Working?’ strip. These strips are mostly not safe for work, and are archived on his website, though some URL-archaeology was necessary to get to some of the older ones. You should probably have an unhealthy knowledge of the indie comics “scene,” and a high tolerance for extreme vulgarity to appreciate most of them. There’s an interview with Ryan (Conducted by Peter Bagge) here if you’d like some background.


On Art Spiegelman’sIn the Shadow of no Towers

On Chris Ware’s McSweeney’s #13

On Seth’s Life in general, as detailed in Comic Art #6

On Adrian Tomine’sOptic Nerve

On Daniel Clowes’Ghost World

On Craig Thompson’sBlankets

On Joe Sacco’sSafe Area Gorazde

On Chester Brown’sLouis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography

On Joe Matt’sPeepshow

On Ivan Brunetti’sSchizo

On Aline and R. Crumb’sDirty Laundry Comics

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