Oh man, I just saw Batman Begins at our local Imax Theatre. I don’t know if it’s because I was Batman-obsessed in my youth and haven’t been satisfied by the last 2.5 Batman movies (3.5 if you count Catwoman), or if it’s because I’ve been so busy lately I missed out on nearly all advertising / hype on this one, but it BLEW MY MIND. It makes the previous canonical Batman film (CLEARLY Burton’s ‘Batman’) look ridiculous by comparison. Walking out of the theater, I FELT like Tom Cruise ACTED on Oprah (theory: Maybe he and Ms. Holmes saw a screening of Batman Begins right before the Oprah taping). So good. I seriously want to go find Christopher Nolan and hug him for handling it so well.

     Immediately after exiting the theater, I bought an injection-molded plastic replica of dead industrial innovator Henry Ford from a Mold-A-Rama vending machine. Molded right before your eyes! Naturally, I checked google to see if there was a weird Mold-A-Rama cult on the internet, and natuarally, there is. Mar-road-trip.com is a nicely-designed site dedicated to taking road trips in order to obtain rare Mold-A-Rama figures. Awesome.

Keeping a silent, watchful, plastic eye on my efficiency.