I was grocery shopping a few days ago, and I happened upon a bin full of “Dinosaur Eggs.” Clearly, these were not actual dinosaur eggs, but some weird crossbreed fruit, renamed to attract the fervent interest of five year-old boys. As five year-old boys and I share many of the same interests (video games, dinosaurs, robots), it should go without saying that I bought some.

     A bit of google, liberally applied to the nagging question of their origin reveals that they are in fact “Pluots” – plums crossed with apricots, and they are DELICIOUS. I’ve also found reference to them being called ‘Apriums’ and ‘Flavor Grenades.’ ‘Flavor Grenades’ would probably be equally effective in the ‘Incite five year-olds to nag mom for this fruit’ department.


     That night I dreamt that the world was being invaded by dinosaurs who turned people into crazy, bloodthirsty zombies by biting them. Good times.