Will Yates writes:

     “I was watching Jimmy Kimmel at home tonight as opposed to having a life, and the comedy act for the end of the show was something like Hertzfeld and Klein. (I forget the exact names.) Kimmel introduced them as a famous long-running comedy duo who were making their first TV appearance. Well, anyway, Klein turned out to be Michael Ian Black. They did a bizarre sketch where the one guy was telling really lame Howard Dean jokes and Michael Ian Black was standing there silent with his arm in a sling, and it turned out that the other guy had caused a car accident earlier in the day that had killed MIB’s wife and broken his arm. Then they “revealed” that MIB’s wife actually didn’t die and it was a huge joke, but then they cut to her and she was in full body cast. Then at the end Jimmy Kimmel said you can catch them at their next gig which was the 82nd birthday party of some old Jewish man at a nursing home. Never were their real names mentioned. This was all done very straight-facedly by all parties involved. Great, but in a weird way where no one really laughed. Thought you’d be interested.”

     Also, from McSweeney’s: Michael Ian Black responds to ‘I Love the 70’s’ Backlash.