Z: i just scoffed about a band being called CSS yesterday

A: yep

A: same band

Z: but not a design reference

A: you’d think they were portland webdesigners commenting on
how the structure of indie rock is the same and is only shaped by
applying style attributes.

A: But no

Z: hahaha

A: the cascading style sheets

A: would be a good band name though

Z: that would be amazing

Z: agreed

A: dude

A: concept alert!

Z: hahaha ok

A: start a band

A: called the cascading style sheets.

A: write and arrange verse chorus bridge etc

A: and do the same song in like ten different styles

A: Literal!

Z: hahaha

Z: normal people would just think they were remixes

A: ah true

Z: and would not understand its nerdy gravitas