My wife played the current number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 for me today, because she “thought it would make [me] mad.” The song is Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok,’ and she was right, primarily because I was dumbfounded by how glaringly it rips off Uffie’s ‘The Party‘ (Or more specifically, the Justice remix which I am familiar with).

Consulting Google (“Uffie Kesha Rip”) and Twitter (“Uffie Kesha”) searches, everyone agrees.

The one thing I didn’t turn up in my quick searches was a Ke$ha / Uffie / Justice mashup, which seems so obvious. Here’s my 30 minute effort (MP3). Bravo, self, bravo.


And for comparison, a bit of the real Uffie song…

[audio:|titles=Justice / Uffie]

…and a bit of the real Ke$ha Song:


It’s that first part that is just shameless.

Zach Curd points out that this is a “thing” now – as he put it: “the kind of ‘I’m a bratty girl’ singspeak.” As proof he passed along this music video which has convinced me the world is over. That is all.