Every so often my ancient Barnes & Noble stories get linked somewhere and I get a burst of sympathetic email from fellow booksellers. I got some good feedback from Kara a few days ago, reaffirming the weird public sexuality / bathroom obsessions of the typical BN customer. Good Times:

     “So, I tried to keep a copy of your blog in hardcopy in our breakroom at the [removed to protect Kara’s job] store, but surprisingly the management confiscated it, I wonder why? I thought that it was just us that attracted insane people, but it seems that crazy people are drawn to the dark depths of Barnes and Noble stores. We finally had to close our bathrooms due to customers, not the homeless, but well dressed upscale types with entitlement issues, pushing our employees when they were trying to clean it, finally someone spat on the manager and she had enough. We have found men’s tighty whiteys shoved in the back of our comfy chairs, and recently had to remove yet another of them due to someone jizzing in it, again. Just in case anyone who doesn’t work at a BN is reading this, never, ever sit on the big comfy chairs, just don’t, trust me on this one.”