The artwork of Marcel Dzama (which I was first exposed to via McSweeney’s) has seemingly been everywhere lately – most prominently on the cover of Beck’s latest album, ‘Guero.’ There was a good metafilter thread on his current visibility last week. Since this is the week of Episode III and the big merchandizing push, I figured now would be a good time to point out the affordable, limited edition, Star Wars-related Dzama work currently available via (Update – also available via Giant Robot or Kidrobot).

     Dzama has created a series of six injection-molded plastic action figures called “Uzama: The Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore.” Each of the six figures is limited to 2500 pieces, manufactured and packaged with faux-vintage Kenner Star Wars production values. Kinda neat, if you’re into both artsy fartsy types who paint with root beer (He does!) and Star Wars. Mr. Dzama’s rising star, coupled with the insane collector’s market created by the likes of the Kid Robot and Giant Robot stores also makes these figures a no-brainer for eBay speculation-types.