One of my current places of employment, the Ann Arbor District Library, had a pretty great event this past Saturday. As part of their Axis Teen program, they’re sponsoring a five-month long Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament. Tournament play takes place once a month, and judging from the reaction Saturday’s event was met with, each month’s proceedings will draw more kids into the library.

     Eight Gamecubes were networked together in a LAN, and the S-video outs of each station were taken to a Video Toaster rig, which in turn had its output fed to a projector. This displayed the view of the leader of the race in progress, intercut with live video of the players and bracket information – all on a large screen in the center of the room.

     8 players (16 in team mode) were able to play simultaneously on dedicated screens.

     The Ann Arbor News wrote a story on the event, and I have some ridiculously shaky footage of the room in action from my camera.