Hey friends.

     I’ve been MIA for the last month or so, so I figured I’d drop a line here to keep you posted on the excitement that is my life.

     After another round of fruitless second interviews, I find myself back at square one in the job search department, so I’m working on tweaking my PHP / MYSQL skills. The perfect project for doing that is to bring my various web-ventures up to date, so I’m tying up all sorts of loose ends. Hopefully all of these scattered efforts will coalesce into something tangible within the next few weeks.

     I’ve also been spending lots of time working on several music-related projects. The Recital will (hopefully) FINALLY finish that full length we’ve been talking about for release in the new year, and I’m incubating several fun massively-collaborative recording projects, so if you’re interested in that, get in touch.

     I bought one of these Gameboy media readers, and have successfully transferred an episode of a television show to my gameboy advance. (Loosely related sidenote: I’m considering purchasing either a gamecube or an Xbox. Gamecube seems to have better games, Xbox is more customizable. Got a strong opinion one way or the other? Convince me).

     During the first presidential debate, Bush said “Mexed Missages,” so naturally I registered Mexedmissages.com. Unfortunately I used a bargain-basement back-alley registrar, who confirmed the order but sat on it for 24 hours while someone else registered it. LAME. They’re not even doing anything with it!

     What else? I’m taking a train to Chicago to see the Zombies with Love tommorrow night. That should be pretty amazing. Also, I’m working on three more vinyl articles in my spare time, so if that first batch bored you, WATCH OUT! That’s about it. Write back.



     If you have anything to say on the matter of WordPress vs. Movabletype, let me know about that, too.