Scene: A few years ago, driving on I-96 towards Detroit.

     Motorcycle comes screaming up behind me on the left. Swerves into my lane, cutting me off in ridiculously-close, Hollywood-novelty style. Is that enough? No, that is not enough. Said motorcyclist proceeds to POP A WHEELIE, and stand on his back pegs. This pose is maintained for the better part of a minute. Doing 80. On the freeway. I thought I was being attacked by Ghost Rider or something.

Scene: A few days ago, driving on a main road in Ann Arbor.

     Motorcyclist swerves from behind me, presumably because I was moving too slowly for him. Upon passing me on the left, motorcyclist appears to jump off the bike proper and SIT ON HIS HANDLEBARS for several seconds, before remounting his motorcycle. How is that even possible?! Don’t you have to have your foot on a pedal or something?!

     So: for some reason, my mere presence on the road apparently compels motorcyclists to do ‘tricks.’ Needless to say, this is extremely weird. Is this some sort of “You got served!” thing that motorcyclists do? Like “I just passed you! Here’s a trick to remember me by! I served you!” Perhaps.