It seems like just about once a week since November 20th, something in relation to my brother’s accident will happen to get me really pissed off. Just last night I was thinking how quiet this week has been relative to the past few.

     That all changed this morning of course (My luck, and all). We got a call at about 9:30. It was one of those instances where you’re half-awakened by the ringing, but you know someone else will get it, and your body refuses to surrender to conciousness until the few functioning brain cells are sure it’s important. This is roughly the same thing that happened on the morning of November 20th, simply substitute knocking for ringing. You’d think by now, my body would know to just wake up, already.

     At any rate, it was the City of Livonia on the other end. It seems that the memorial that Chris’ friends and classmates have built for him at the intersection where he was killed has been found to be an ‘eyesore,’ a ‘nuisance,’ and a ‘hazard.’ Someone had called to complain, and on further examination, they’ve ordered us to remove it by Sunday night, or else they will have it removed.

     Just the fact that they would do this boggles my mind. We’ve been careful to keep it clean. We’ve had to take things home to avoid overflow into the street – Chris’ bed is overflowing with stuffed animals.

     If you live in Livonia, and you disagree with this decision, you can join others in leaving a candle at the intersection on Monday night (2/19). If they’re heartless enough to remove every trace of a community mourning the loss of a friend, the very least we can do is make it a pain in the ass to clean up.

     I had all sorts of fun popculture crap I was going to write about today – but I think this is enough for now. Maybe tommorrow.