The other day my friend Cyndi called me to say that she had just passed a house that was throwing away a full sized arcade game in my neck of the woods. Naturally I dropped everything (Not that there was much to drop, mind) and ran over to said house. There I found a thrashed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine. The cabinet was in such bad shape that it wouldn’t have been worth the work, so I pulled the boards out and plugged ’em into my cabinet at home. Turns out the board is of British origin (Note the “Hero” instead of “Ninja.” The brits did this to all TMNT merchindise.) and it works perfectly. Score!

     I played my first show on Drums with the Pop Project on Saturday night. I hadn’t played my drum set in a live situation since late 1997, so this show opened my eyes to a whole slew of problems I need to fix. If you are a drum-type person perhaps you can help me. I have a Ludwig drum set. I need to replace one of the chrome things that holds the legs on the bass drum, and I also need to replace the chrome mounting bracket thingy that holds the T-bar in place. Since that last sentance made no sense whatsoever, please reference the photos below.

Here are ways you can help.

  • You know the correct names for these parts.
  • You know what years Ludwig manufactured Bass drums like the one shown above.
  • You know where I can get these parts.
  • You have these parts for sale.
  • You have these parts and want to give them to me.

If any of the above statements are true of you, please get in touch.

Three things to be excited about: DVD, Game, TV.

     One last thing: Awhile ago there was a site that was hosting every episode of Mr. Show. Naturally, I lost the link before I finished downloading everything. If you have this link, please pass it along. Thanks!