I was reading Entertainment Weekly last night and happened upon an interview with David Fincher regarding the forthcoming recently released THREE disc special edition Panic Room DVD. Anyone who’s into seeing behind-the-scenes filmmaking via DVD special features knows that Fincher does it best, and with TWO full discs of special features, this looks like it’ll be a monument to me wasting time.

     Someone involved with the production of the DVD started (But never finished) a production diary here:

     “Panic Room is without question the most elaborate, complex DVD I have yet produced. It wasn’t designed to be that from the outset, it just grew in the process. There’s a strange phenomena that can sometimes occur where the circumstances of a film’s production are mirrored in everything else related to the film; if pre-production was a bitch, production will be a bitch. And so will post, marketing, et cetera, right on through to the DVD, almost like a generational curse. When David Fincher set out to make Panic Room, he intended it to be a quick, breezy B-movie with a relatively low budget. But somewhere along the way a series of almost mythically proportioned mishaps and difficulties arose that turned a quick-and-dirty exercise in suspense into a gargantuan undertaking that tested the endurance and tenacity of everyone involved. Similarly, the DVD took a long and tortured route to completion, albeit for different reasons.”